Learn to Clear Your Loan Obligations Smartly in San Angelo TX

Once you’ve decided to take a fast cash advance loan in Texas you have to be smart about repaying it. Failing to repay your debt on time leads to loan renewals that are known to come with more interest. Irresponsible borrowers go so far that they renew loans 5-6 times ending up with a debt that’s mostly made of interest. This is a practical guide on how to cope with fast cash advance loans in San Angelo TX to avoid being buried in debt.


  1. Activate an automatic withdrawal repayment system. Also known as Continuous Payment Authority, this option has several advantages:
  • You no longer have to worry about the due dates.
  • You no longer pay extra interest for innocent mistakes. It is easy to forget to pay fast cash advance loan on time, thus being obligated to renew it with more interest that could have been avoided from the very start.
  • If you choose the lender that reports to credit bureaus, it is very important to pay the money back on time. Otherwise, you credit score is hurt, thus affecting your ability to take long-term loans in the future.
  1. Ask around for money. Borrowing from your friends or relatives is known to have disastrous consequences most of the time:
  • Being a bit late with the money gives them reason never to give you a payday loan in San Angelo TX again.
  • Conflicts may arise that can ruin an otherwise flourishing friendship or family relationship.
  • Friends might have the money but be unwilling to give it to you, making excuses that are easy to catch. This inevitably leads to conflicts and makes you revise your feelings about that person.
  1. Keep a calendar to organize all the due dates, including fast cash advance loans in San Angelo.
  • Cross them down once you pay the bill to keep a neat overview of your remaining debt.
  • Color-coding always helps to maintain clarity. Here’s an example:
  • Red for a very important date;
  • Yellow for an important date;
  • Blue for the least important date.
  • Since we live in the era of smartphones and tablets, it can be very helpful to set up reminders 24 hours prior to the due date of a certain bill. This will bring a postponed bill back to your attention, thus avoiding late payments most of the time.
  • Set a certain day of the week to deal with everything concerning payments. Every Saturday morning review your calendar and see how you are doing.
  1. Check your bank account balance regularly to avoid overdrafts and bounced check fees. They can easily be avoided with a bit of extra attention.
  2. Note down the dates when you take a cash advance. This gives you an overview so that:
  • You know when you are eligible for an extended payment plan (only once in 12 months);
  • You see if you take too many fast cash advance loans per year – in such cases you might consider:
  • Looking for a new job;
  • Cutting down on unnecessary expenses;
  • Find new sources of income.
  • See how many times you renew a loan so that you don’t enter a debt trap.


  • People who take out Texas fast cash advance loans are likely to be going through financial hardship already, and it is understandable why paying off their debt on time can be quite a challenge.
  • You can ruin your friendship if you turn to friends for financial help, and there is no mystery about why this happens.
  • The automatic withdrawal system somehow takes the control out of your hands. You might not be willing to pay the loan on time this month, but the program still takes your money unless you specifically tell them not to beforehand.


If you keep things neat and organized, you will no longer be a day late with an fast cash advance loan in San Angelo TX provided you have the necessary financial resource, of course. The above straightforward steps can be applied for any type of loan not only fast cash advance loans. This way you will know how your finances look.